VCS - Version Control System: available or needed?

Since the arrival of DTTG 2 for iOS I start to suck all the merely indexed files into my several databases – since the exchange between iOS and Mac OSX with the new sync technology is so much easier.

But, at the same time, I do have to rethink version control of files. Version control is easy once the files are stored outside the database and only indexed.

Ideas how to handle version control of files that are now almost exclusively store within the database?

What kind of version control? Limited to DEVONthink or used by other software (e.g. software development)? In the first case scripting might be a possibility (see this old thread Versioning), in the second case it’s probably still better to use indexed files/folders.

Thanks, Christian, for taking a look at this.

Of course, first and foremost, I’m interested in any kind of versioning (= version control) possible within Devonthink. Doing serious writing in Scrivener, storing Tinderbox-documents etc. in Devonthink – those kind of documents get modified literally all the time.

Thus, it seems quite self-explanatory (at least to me) that someone tries to take measures to have some way of doing versioning that goes beyond the Mac OSX immanent version.

Let’s say one opens a Tinderbox document from within a Devonthink database in oder to do some changes within the Tinderbox document. Having Devonthink creating at least a backup of every file being opened would create a nice fall back option, to begin with.

Having the option to create at least 2 or 3 backup files of such kind would give me the peace of mind to confidently keep on moving files merely indexed completely into the respective DT-databases.

Do you copy that?

Of course does Tinderbox uses Mac OSX’s versioning feature. Hardly any serious Software does not.


I’d like to diff versions from time to time which I guess is not possible with Ma OSX’s versioning.

It’s rather surprising to see how many visitors this post has. Maybe some staff ninjas could up the game of versioning in DT through gracing the post with their comments

Thanks in advance!

These scripts are brilliant! Thank you for referencing them (I would never have found them on the Forum). DT is one of the very few pieces of software that, even after years of use, continues to surprise me. I’m very interested in anyone’s efforts to expand on this capability.

Amen to that! I feel the same way. I work here, spend countless hours working with it, and it still shows me things I didn’t know it would do! :smiley: