Verification Failed without Loggin (Unstable Database?)

I’ve been trying to verify/repair a large database. The verification is failing silently (no logging). And this after recently rebuilding the database. Suggestion? (I thought if there were no errors, DT still gave a brief dialogue and made an entry to the log.)

Actually, ALL open databases are failing verification silently, and this after restarting DT.

AND, the same thing is happening in DT on the machine I was trying to sync with. Even restarting the computers and using an earlier backup (using Restore Backup…) didn’t change the result.

BTW, My largest database seems to have errors frequently even after rebuilding (frequent missing and orphaned files).

All previous sync attempts have been by Direct Connection.

Sync did occur successfully previously on these databases. (Without a successful verification, there can be no sync. ~~ in the voice of the Connor Macleod in Highlander:-)

You’ll find that if there are problematic notes in DEVONthink verify and repair will not be able to fix that nor will rebuilding the db. However, sync will not be able to occur at least with Dropbox. In my case, I had to manually after sync failure, look at the failure report, delete the note and continue on. If there are a lot of damaged or bad notes, this can be a long and arduous process. Once completed, sync will ensue.

I have found that a lot of damaged or bad notes are generated from DTTG. They get into your DB and you won’t necessarily notice them. As an example, a bad note will have a note title but nothing in the note field except for a blank page looking icon. This is a bad note and has to be deleted from the primary db. The db will operate fine if it is in there. Sync will operate fine until you have to re-sync the db. At this point, you will encounter complete sync failure.

All database utility tools cannot fix the above problem or identify the bad notes. Only sync as it fails will tell you why it stopped and identify the note. Delete that note and sync will continue on to the next note then fail. And on this will go till you get all the bad notes out of the DB.