“Verification of uploaded item failed”


I hope it is ok to open up a thread about this problem once more since the few popping up in the search bar don`t include permanent advice to solve the issue. (besides deleting and uploading the database again.)

Is there any way to find out which file causes the issue?

All verify attempts on both iPad and Mac resulted in no issues.

(The error msg only appears on the Mac)

How to solve this?

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Did you verify the database or the sync store?

both. no problems there.

In that case it was probably just a temporary network/server issue.

I now just tried “Check file integrity” since I have been very focused on the verified and repair function.

It turns out, “checksum of 1 file different”. in two databases.

Although they could be verified.

So I am a bit puzzled bc there is no clue which files it is.

The logged sync error is not related at all to your local files and harmless. However, items having a different checksum are logged to the Log panel.

uuups…sorry. true. I am a bit messed up atm.

but I don’t see any issue with the files…

how to handle that?

(so this is not related to the sync issue? the number just added up so nicely, I assumed at first this could be it)

Definitely not. Did you check the Log panel?

yes. the two docs with the file integrity check sum failure appear totally normal to me.

I can open and move them. all pages seem to be there.

no “visible” damage or error.

what to do? just live with it or is there a possibility to repair? (it is a pdf of an article I scanned once in the library)

Does File > Update Indexed Items fix the issue? The affected files have to be selected first.

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yes. thank you very much. that does the trick. really love your software.

I will see how the .manifest sync issue develops.

the “hash”-Names of those two files stayed always the same over the couple of last days.

Did you edit (or overwrite) these files externally?

I don´t understand the q.

By externally, you mean making annotations in another app?

No. Not this one. But I maybe looked at it once with another app. So it could have been saved via this way once. I don´t remember.

E.g. replacing the file in the Finder or opening & editing it with another app.

I cannot remember for the two files with the index repair.
But since this issue has been solved with your help, I am happy I now learned more about DT.

with the .manifest files I don´t know. Don´t know them.

These are internal files of sync stores but as the verification of the sync store was fine, there’s no need to worry.