Verify and Repair of Syncstore and actual Database questions

Can I just clear up some novice terminology confusion please.

File > Verify and Repair does a quick verify of the database selected. I understand that this is a V & F of the database itself, ie nothing to do with syncing or syncstore.

In the Sync Prefs I can select a Sync Location, select a Database and right click to “verify the database”, or option+click to “verify the database thoroughly”. In the same place I can “clean the Database”. My understanding of these options in the Sync prefs is that what is being verified/cleaned is the syncstore, which can be rebuilt, not the actual Database although that is what it says.

How does one do a thorough verify of the actual Database (not the syncstore)?

If only using Bonjour there is no Sync Location (on the host) to select in Sync Prefs. On the client machine there is a Sync Location, but the verify option is greyed out. I thought Bonjour still used a syncstore? Is there no thorough verification possible if using Bonjour?


File > Verify & Repair Database… is all you need for the local databases on your computer(s).

Bonjour is a direct client/server connection and doesn’t need or use sync stores.

Thanks for quick and helpful reply.

Can I just confirm then, that if one is using a sync location method then the Sync Prefs action “Verify Database thoroughly” is referring to the syncstore, not the actual Database?


It is verifying the sync store’s sync data for the specific database not the local database’s contents.

Thank you.

My pleasure :slight_smile: