Verify and Repair Question

I am trying to backup and archive my database. So went to File > Export > Database Archive. From there, I got a message “Verification of database failed.”

From there, Tools> Verify & Repair. The message I got was: “Repair failed. 20 errors were found.” What should I do next? All these steps are taking place on my main machine, MacBook Pro. I also have DTTG on my iPhone and iPad.

After you’ve carried out the verification, open the Log window (Window > Log). It will show you either ‘Verification Successful’, or give you a list of the errors.

Obviously, a lot depends on what the errors are. For example, a common problem is that files become disassociated in some way (DTP loses track of them and calls them ‘missing’) – the log lists such files. If you right click on each one and choose ‘Reveal’ (show the file in it’s DTP folder’) or ‘Show in Finder’ (show it in the standard Mac Finder) you’ll be able to track down what’s wrong (or just delete it…). In any case, tracking this log will help support advise you what to do if it’s not immediately obvious (it usually is…)