Version 1.0.1 still crashes at text documents

Same error as before: it isn’t possible to write a text - opening a new document, the old error message „An error has occurred. The application must exit“ appears, things are going even more worse: In Version 1.0.0 after a restart it was possible to work (i.e. read) synced PDF-documents, now the app is an ongoing loop: it tries to open the text window, this doesn’t work, crash… and so on. I had to reset the app, this is reproducable. It means, that I have to sync everytime the app crashes…
(Same conditions as before: iPod touch 1 G, iOS 3.1.3)
Report with console messages follow.

In GoodReader they have an option in ipad settings under Good Reader where you can turn off ‘open last file’ to avoid a loop of a crashing app because of a problem with a file.