Version Control Subversion and DTpro

Does anyone here who uses DT as their main document database (i.e. to the general exclusion of the Finder) use version control software such as Subversion? If so, how have you managed to do so?

For some of my writing projects and academic papers, I have come to realize that I should keep previous versions of the same work, and Subversion for the mac seems to be able to do this well as it is intended to do. But how do I integrate this with the fact that I usually store almost all my documents inside the DT database? Sure I could use “index” instead, but that would require a complete reworking of my system.

Anyone out there who does this?

Christian: will such things be easier with the v2.0, with the way it deals with the file structure? Thanks.

You could do this, the only problem I see is that the diffs of the database binary files could get huge. A revert operation might even be noticed on a content file if you use the “sync” command afterwards.
Some of the announced improvements for version 2.0 could help a bit in this regard because the actual content data is going to be stored in a file structure.

However, I seem to remember a previous thread somewhere in our forum about versioning. I think Christian even managed to cobble a script together that provides some versioning for you in the database. It might be a start to change it and use svn to do some of the work. Worth investigating I’d say…