Very Different PDF Editing Experience Compared To MacOS

Trying out DTTG after enjoying DTP.

I know this subject’s been touched on elsewhere.

Specifically, I’ve started highlighting a PDF on MacOS and continued on iOS.

Dark yellow, straight highlights with text on MacOS.

iOS highlights synced back on MacOS retain their drawn free form quality, light yellow, and the captured text is simply the device name, doesn’t seem very useful.

Is there a way to make these mobile highlights consistent with the desktop version?

Where exactly did you see this difference? Thank you!

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Sounds like you are using freeform highlights rather than text highlights — could that be? The text highlights (found either via the “letter A” toolbar icon or via first highlighting text and then selecting that same icon from the text popup) is not as dissimilar from the macOS highlighting experience as you describe.

I’m sure someone (or me when I have more time) could explain the difference more clearly than I did above, but if indeed you are using freeform highlights, maybe this tip will help you find text highlights, which should better serve your purpose.


Can’t believe I didn’t try that :smile: Exactly what I was looking for. Thank you.

The colours are still slightly different but no biggy.

Glad I coud help!

Yes, this is the main discrepancy … by fiddling with the colour picker’s dropper tool you can get them pretty close though!

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