Very minor request

I use Quicksilver to access the menus of programs. One problem I am having is that a new group and creating a new group by populating it with the chosen items are both simply called ‘group’ in the menu. This makes distinguishing them impossible in Quicksilver.

I know this is a very specific to someone like myself using Quicksilver, but as far as I can tell it is standard to try and give menu items different names.

Same goes with “Link”.

And while I am pointing out some of the names of actions in DT, can I also suggest that in the contextual menu “See Selected Text” be changed to “See Similar”.

I had no idea this action even existed until I read it relatively recently in one of Bill’s posts. Calling it ‘See Selected Text’ tells you nothing about the action - it makes it sound like the highlighted portion of text is going to be enlarged or made into its own file or something.