Very occasional document download failures

On a couple of occasions I’ve created a document on my iPad (once a PDF, another time a jpeg) and it’s refused to sync to my iPhone. The file is listed but with a little cloud symbol. When I try and open the document it gives me a download option but when I select it nothing happens. I’ve tried restarting the app and the phone but nothing helps. There is no error message.

The solution seems to be go to the source device (my iPad) and duplicate the file. The duplicate will sync without problems. Then I can delete the original and rename the duplicate.

I have DTTG (premium) on an iPad and an iPhone, both have the “Download Files” option set to always. The sync store has an encryption password and is shared via dropbox. I can’t remember if I’ve been on WIFI or 3/4g when it happened.

Any ideas?

It could be that the device on which you created the document didn’t correctly upload it. In this case an email our support with the device logs (best created from inside the app using the ? > Contact Us function) could help us locate the problem.