Very odd message

Can anyone explain this to me?
PastedGraphic-3.tiff (54.8 KB)

Can you reproduce it?

I’ve heard that something called “MacKeeper” (?) has been known to generate that message.

the picture of it is right above your reply.
Ohhhh…you mean the message?
Never seen a message this odd
in over 20 years of mac.

I would NEVER install mackeeper.

other suggestions?

I Googled this and it seems to be a type of malware that’s been around for a while, often but not always associated with MacKeeper. I couldn’t find any suggestion that it was doing anything destructive, but I couldn’t find any clear answers on how to get rid of it, either, sorry!

Either way, I’m pretty positive it’s not ours. It’s a pretty trivial thing to throw up a dialog box with the icon of a given application.

while viewing one webarchive in devon…
a mackeeper pop up created a new devon document
that was actually a mackeeper ad page.

Did it actually create a new document or just open a window??

opened a window.

Wheww!… That would not have been cool if it was actually making documents. Yeah - ugly Javascript nonsense.

Check Preferences > Web > Web Content > Block Popup Windows > Only Automatic Javascript Windows.

Do note that this may not work with every site since some legitimate web developers may use this but it’s generally considered bad form to popup windows without a User’s permission.


MacUpdate comments about MacKeeper are strong encouragement to stay away from it.