Very slow performance

DEVONsphere is speedy enough when it searches a typed-in term, but when I move a pdf or other doc into the search bar to find related material, there is a long lag time (36 seconds, last time I tried it) before I see any response. As far as I can tell, the index is up to date and Activity Monitor reports plenty of idle CPU. In fact, DSphere did not go above 7.5 pct of CPU during the process). So I am puzzled about why things seem to take so long. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I love the idea of this app – giving the whole hard drive some qualities of a DT database! – but I’m puzzled by the performance lag.

I am running a trial version on a 2012 Macbook, 2.9 GHz, 8 gig RAM, OS 10.9.

Thanks in advance!


Typically, slow performance in the See Also mode (whether using DEVONsphere Express, DEVONthink or DEVONagent) indicates low free RAM and lots of data swapping between RAM and Virtual Memory swap files.

On my MacBook Pro Retina with 16 GB RAM and (at the moment) about 5 GB free RAM, See Also suggestions only take about a second to pop up.

Does performance improve dramatically after a restart of your computer?

It’s pretty instantaneous on my 2012 MacBook with 8GB RAM too - fairly recently rebooted.

Thanks for the replies. A restart has indeed perked things up a lot, and I can get back to being impressed by Devonsphere. It has already found a number of related pdfs I would never have thought to look for.