Videos in DT


is there any known bug with Videos in DT? Anything one shouldn’t do? couldn’t find much with the forum search…


Try the experiment. Index (File > Index) a .mov video into DEVONthink public beta 8 (posted 10 December) and play with it. Won’t hurt anything.

Yea that works but i was thinking of long term experience :wink:
Maybe it bloats the DB considerable or it gets slower etc.

I’m also experimenting with this, looking for an iphoto alternative. Just loaded my complete photo library including avi video’s from my camera into a fresh database, and it is still snappy as ever! This database is now 25 gig(!) so i guess you can do that with ease. This is with the new beta (8), and the new column view and quicklook support makes it a real good alternative for iphoto i think.
For avi video’s you do need to install something like perian though, as DT uses quicktime to play back files.
Will experiment a bit further, but for now i think this works like a charm.