Videos: Index or Import?

Hi there,

one question concerning Videos: I often have videos from interviews etc. with sometimes some hundred megabytes. I think about what is better: Should I import them in my DTPO database or should I store them in a central folder outside DTPO and index them?

My concerns: Because videos are so big, I will reach the point where DTPO will be slowed down much faster with imported videos than with I indexed ones. Other than with written documents (which I always import) there seems to be no big differences (problems), wether I index or import them.

Any suggestions?

Hi darwin!
I recommend you to index your video files. I do that myself and it works really great. I think like yourself said, that the database will be more slow and gets very big for only a few files and therefore waste of space in the database. If I were you, I should index video files and import more smaller documents.

In DTPO 2.0, there is, for all practical purposes, no performance difference between imported databases and indexed databases. The more important considerations are database portability and how you want to access the videos. As example, if you want to load the entire database on a DVD (assuming for the moment it will fit on a DVD), then importing might be the best approach. If you want to search for the videos with Spotlight and open them directly with a video application (thus bypassing DTPO), then indexing would be preferable. I do this with iTunes podcasts, indexing the podcasts in my database rather than importing them.

There is a good thread on indexing vs. importing in this thread. In particular, look at what Bill DeVille has to say about the topic.

Thanks both for reply.

Question to Greg:

Your speak of indexed vs. imported “databases”. I’m not speaking of whole databases, just files. But I guess, in the end, we mean the same, isn´t it?

But I have different views now. Does the imported videos/audios slow down DTPO or not?

Yes, I mean files indexed to a database vs. files imported to a database, so we are on the same page.

No, not in DT 2.0. In DT 1.x, that was not the case. Due to the structure of the database, all files in the database (indexed or imported) were loaded into memory. Having said that, I don’t know if video files had any performance impact in a 1.x database either as a video file has no textual information to load into the AI. With DT 2.0, all imported files are stored in their normal format in the Finder, within the database package contents. This approach, to DT performance, is no different than having them stored somewhere else and indexed in the database.

Fine, since I use DTPO 2.0 I can import them.