View and add multiple tags at once to a document?

Hi all,

It could be that I am missing something obvious. I am trying to switch from groups to tags. The most convenient way to add tags - in my opinion - is when you select a document an overview of all available tags is available pursuant to which all relevant tags can be clicked on and then will be applied to the document.

It seems now that if I go to “get info”, the “i” button on the right pane, or the “tag cloud” at the bottom, the tag list is empty and I need to think myself which tags are available. This is confusing to me as this makes it most likely that tags will be forgotten, as there is no overview of all tags available.

Furthermore, if I go with the option of “related tags” by clicking on the folding panel of a tag, I have to click on each tag separately, after which the folding pane goes away and I have to redo these steps. It does not seem possible to select multiple tags at once there.

Ideally, I would like to know if it’s available to have combined:

  1. an overview of all available tags in the database when selecting a document; AND
  2. an option to apply multiple tags at once to that document.

Am I missing something or is this option not available?

Many thanks!

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I use an Applescript to assist with processing inbox records
It presents lists of tags that I can select multiple entries from

For example, when processing a receipt record
. tag Type-Receipt is assigned
. a list of Vendor- tags is presented
. a list of Budget- tags is presented

I have various smart rules that apply selections of tags, that then may need tweaking.


I’m quite a newbie at this, so I think AppleScript is too advanced for me, although this sounds really cool! Is it hard to apply?

Why aren’t you just opening a second window to display the Tags group for the database you’re working in?

PS: That’s not what the Tags filter pane is for.