View Annotations Only

I use annotations infrequently, but I’m curious to know if there is a method of viewing only the annotations contained within a particular database. The reason is that my annotations are generally attached to RTF files created by me that contain transcriptions from other documents. The annotations are used to make a note to myself of a particular point pertaining to the transcriptions, for which a tag would be inappropriate. My databases contain many such RTF files but few enough annotations that searching for them within various folders (and nested folders) is impractical.

I tried to create a smart group, using the predicate Kind -> is -> , but then am not sure what file type is necessary to complete the criteria, if there is one. My experimentation has proved fruitless. Is it possible to create such a smart group, or is there another way to accomplish what I’m looking for?

Data > New from Template > Annotation should actually create a smart group for annotations in the database.

Thanks Christian, I see it now among the other smart groups. And thank you for resisting the urge to mock :smiley: