View Email Attachments Inline?

When I drag and drop an .eml file from Airmail into DEVONthink, I see this:

I can double-click the attachments and view them in, but I was wondering if there was a way to just view those attachments inline or automatically inside of DEVONthink? Are .eml files treated similarly like groups where the message content would be one file, and any attachments would be stored in the same group?

When I do what you described I get a good preview of the attached PDFs to the drag&dropped in email. What is your setting for viewing attachments?

You are showing the text alternative here. Have you tried View > Document Display > Best Alternative?

I have tried that but it didn’t seem to work either. Here’s what I see with “Best Alternative”:

It seems that I even lose one of the attachments this way.

Try dragging the email to the desktop then into DEVONthink.
PS: Airmail has very poor inter-application communications. You should consider this if you want proper integration and automation. Apple Mail is still the best of breed in this respect.

Yeah that’s what I did, actually. When you drag an email from Airmail directly to DT, it just has a link back to the email and a plain text version of the email body. No attachments are brought over.

I like airmail for it’s cross-compatibility with iOS and macOS, and its linking support, but I’d gladly jump ship to Apple mail if I could get that kind of functionality. :frowning:

I’ll try to drag and drop the email from Apple Mail to see if that makes any difference.

Looks like dragging to the desktop from, then into DEVONthink works better. One of the PDFs still is just showing as an icon, but the other one is now displaying inline. I guess both apps write .eml files a little differently.

In case of the alternate view there are two options:

  1. Both clicked links and attachments can be previewed via Quick Look (see contextual menu)

  2. Enable the option to display PDF attachments (see Preferences > Editing)

Thank you for that info. Yeah, it also seems that Airmail just sucks at exporting .eml’s as well. Only .eml’s from the Mail app (still have to drag to desktop, then to DEVONthink,) work properly, it seems.

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