View is not reset when tags were selected prior in tag view

Hi, I am a big user of tags and continually go to the “use tags” view. However, if I select tags I cannot find a way to clear all tags so that I see all the documents in the results window. Does anyone know how to “reset” the tags? Thanks


If you select a selected Tag, it deselects it.

Hi, Thanks for the reply but that does not work for the global inbox. let’s say Tag “A” is currently selected. If I press Tag “B”, Tag “A” get unselected (unless I am holding down the command key). So that is good. However, if I have Tag “A” selected and I press it again, it goes into edit of the name but does not deselect it.

So many times I have views that on the left pane will show the global inbox folder that contains “X” number of documents but the view of the contents does not have “X” number but something less or even nothing depending upon the Tags. Selecting the global inbox should have cleared the tags just like it does when you select any other folder Yet, If I scroll down to look at the tags to see if any are selected they do not show highlighted. So for example, If in the “as Tag” view I select tag “A”, then I go to the “as three panes” view global inbox the number may show 100 files but the view shows a lower number or zero files even if I hit the global box again. If I go to a folder, it shows a cleared no tag view but even if I go back to the inbox it is not cleared and still shows the tag filtered view.


Hi, I really need to understand what is going on and how to reset this. The strength of this program is in its searches and results and if I can’t trust the results it is hard to work with. Thanks.


If you have only one tag selected and click on it again, you will go into edit mode of the tag (or document) name. That’s pretty much standard procedure in any app/Finder in OS X. You’ll need to select something other than Tag A, even if it is white space in the view, to deselect all tags.

The way selection works (for tags or documents) is:

  1. A single click on Tag A selects Tag A
    2a) Clicking on Tag B then deselects Tag A and selects Tag B
    2b) command-clicking on Tag B then selects Tag A and Tag B

If both Tag A and Tag B are selected,
3a) Clicking on either Tag A or Tag B deselects all other tags
3b Command-clicking on Tag A or Tag B deselects the tag that was clicked

Also, as you also mentioned using the Tags view, it’s worth mentioning that a multiple tag selection in the Tags view gives you all documents that have been assigned Tag A AND Tag B, while a multiple selection of tags in ALL other views gives you all documents with Tag A OR Tag B.