View Menu Bar Shows same keystrokes for reading list and import

Attached is a screenshot of the View menu.

I cannot access the sidebar import function by the keystroke command-option-3 because it is assigned the same one as for the reading list and the latter is getting priority.


BTW - now fully operating on DEVONthink 3 and enjoy the interface and new functionality.!



It’s possible to set things straight using System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts, add a section for DEVONthink 3, and then add a shortcut for Import assigning βŒ₯⌘3 to it, and a shortcut for Extras assigning βŒ₯⌘4 to it.

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Cheers, thanks for the confirmation and tip Korm.

Thanks for the bug report, the next release will fix this.