View NotaBene files in DT3

I use NotaBene as my main academic word processing program. It seems that DT3 can no longer open my docs in NB – which it could not long ago. NB is a Windows program that I run on MacOS – Customization & Programming Guide – but that had not been an issue. Is there anyone else having this experience?

I’m sorry, could you elaborate please? How (i.e., using which steps) did you previously open records from within DEVONthink in NotaBene? What happens when you do the same thing now?

I just double clicked on the record in DT and it opened the NB file in NB.

What happens when you double click on an NB file in Finder (eg export one from DT to your desktop and double click it there)?

Strange, it works normally again! I followed your suggestion and dragged one NB file to the desktop and it opened from there. So I tried again just double clicking on another record in DT and the NB file opened in NB as expected. I have no idea what the problem was yesterday. Thanks for your suggestion and support.