View Options for DTTG Smart Groups

I can change the View Options for Groups in DTTG in order to change the sorting criteria.

I cannot find a similar View Options setting for smart groups.

Am I overlooking something?

No. There are currently no view options for smart groups in DEVONthink To Go

OK- that would be a big help

Or user-customizable smart groups would work fine too

I would like to use DTTG to easily look at all “new stuff entered today” across all of the groups my staff and I regularly use - and there is no way to do that.

I suspect other users have similar workflow issues.

Limiting us to pre-fab smartgroups really negates the whole point of smart groups and the basic concept throughout DT3 which is to let people organize their information as they wish. Pre-fab smartgroups instead push us all into preset squares and circles; that’s the opposite of what DT3 stands for.