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While I really like devonthink’s range of viewing option, I find that the interface is in many ways counter intuitive. The tool bar options fail to differentiate between icon type (list, or thumbnail icons etc…) and pane set up. For example, you can choose a view where a mac style list is shown down the left hand pane, and thumbnails in the right hand pane, with no preview, when you choose the “split” view. Or you can choose a more windows explorer style way of viewing where groups only are shown down the left pane and a windows style list view is seen in the middle pane, with a preview on the right pane, in “as three panes” with widescreen enabled. I like this view indeed! It gives me the easy logical view that I miss from Windows XP.

Only, if I want a thumbnail view, I am forced to switch back to spit view and suddenly I get all the files listed on the left pane, and I loose the preview. Since DTPO gives you the option of these various views in certain combinations, it seems to make sense that the program could offer the option of choosing these views in ANY combination. So it would be great if you could toggle the PANE set up separately from the VIEW set up, so you could arrange your panes, then the view you want for each pane. That way, I would be able to keep in the “as three panes” view that I love so much, and toggle between thumbnail and list view.

As an aside, It would also be great so have a sort by option that allows you to retain groups always at the top, even when sorting by, for example, name (as is the case in XP).

Any thoughts?

How about four toggles in the toolbar to replace the current view toggles:

toggle 1) Choose one pane, two panes, three pains under over, or three panes widescreen.
toggle 2) toggle preview on off
toggle 3) (for the left pane, if at least two panes are toggled on) Choose mac list hierarchy with groups AND files included, or explorer list haiarchy with groups only
toggle 4) (for the right or middle pane, depending on if you have preview on or off) Choose thumbnails, list, or list with details

Plus tag view…

I agree.

Even almost three years later this seems to be relevant and true! Really good suggestion(s) in my opinion.

I would also add that – for the Tag View – having the tags suddenly on the right and in a very uninspired and unattractive way is not the best solution. Why not spice it up a bit with colors and sizes to differentiate the importance/quantity of tags at one glance?