view PDFs inline as images in RTF documents?

Is there a way to display embedded PDFs as images in an RTF document? If I drag & drop a PDF image, it shows up as an icon labeled “Pasted graphic.pdf”. TextEdit and MacJournal both show PDFs inline as images.

The main reason I ask is that I use LaTeXiT a fair amount. It can write to a variety of formats (including PNG, which does show up inline as an image in DevonThink), but only in PDFs does it save the original LaTeX source that generated the graphic so that you can retrieve it later.

Over here I’m able to drag/drop single pages from the sidebar display in a PDF window into an RTF (at which point DEVONthink converts the RTF to RTFD), and the page displays inline. I’m also able to drag a multi-page PDF into the RTF, and DEVONthink displays the PDF inline with scrollbars. That RTF opens and displays correctly in TextEdit.

So, though it should work for you, it clearly isn’t. That’s a difficult thing to diagnose the forum, and I’d suggest you send Support an example of a RTFD with pasted PDF pages that is not displaying correctly - along with the specs describing your system, DEVONthink version, etc.

Edit: It occurs to me that dragging more than one file at a time will give you the result you described.

This can be enabled via Preferences > Edit > General.