View > Sort > Unsorted greyed out

I have found a post (sorry - this won’t let me include a link) from 2005, which seems to say that viewing a list unsorted in 2 or 3 pane view, should be available by now.

Today I have tagged the files I want to combine and export to a Word file, searched by tag, but the results are not listed in the order I need, and View > Sort > Unsorted is greyed out.

I saved the results as a smart group but that doesn’t work either.

I have tried in both 2 and 3 pane view.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Search results or results of smart groups/results don’t support this mode.

Welcome @frippet

Why do you want to manually sort the search results?

Thank you for the welcome.

I have a group that contains files that I repeatedly need to be able to output as one document but with the files in a different order each time. I thought I might be able to do it by giving all the files I need for the current document the same tag, but ran into the problem of the greyed out ‘unsorted’ as above.

I’m thinking that I could put all the tagged files in a temporary group and sort that maybe? (I thought that’s what the Smart Group might do, but it didn’t work).

Is there a better way?


Replicating the items to another group and sorting this group would be indeed a possibility.

It visually corrals the files, but it’s just a view, not the files themselves (kind of like a photograph isn’t the actual place).

As @cgrunenberg mentioned, replicants are possible as long as they’re files in the same database.