Viewing archived mail

I’ve archived a mailaccount and everything seeks to work fine.
However, when using DT3 to view my emails I would like the view pane (window) to only show To, From, Subject, DateReceived or DateSent. In other words it should look like my view pane in the email client. As things are I cannot hide the “name” column. Also there doesn’t seem to a DateRecived or Sent column only DateCreated Added etc,

In fact, I am a bit frustrated when trying to browse may mail using DT3. Perhaps I am missing something but I haven’t found anything that really deals with viewing/sorting email once its in DT3.

I appreciate any input.

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The sent/received dates are mapped to the standard dates date created/modified.

So DateCreated is the same as DateReceived ( or Sent) ??

Date Created is Date Sent.

Ok, Thanks for the info, very helpful and appreciated!


unfortunately I have to say that I also find it very “unattractive” to use. Many of the usual sorting options do not work as you are used to (e.g. sorting by sender).

In this context the following feature request would be really be nice to have Assigning collums to folders in list view


I agree Andreas…In all honesty it’s almost useless.