Viewing icons in three-pane view

I seem to remember using a view in DT where I had the left pane of three-pane view and had the icon view in one of the other panes. This was extremely useful because I would use it to look through groups of images quickly and then add them to groups in the left pane. I can’t seem to find the setting or combination of settings to get back to that. Has something been removed or changed?

If not, is there any view that allows me to look at larger previews of files (similar to icon view) next to the leftmost pane of three-pane view? I can see the full image in the lower right pane, but it is generally too large to view (I can’t resize it) and I would have to review each image individually to select a few.

In general, what is the best way to quickly review a group of images and sort them into groups?

If you right-click a group and choose Open in Tabs, you will get an icon view of the contents of the group.