Viewing other tags for files in a group


Here’s my scenario:

I have a group for all my book notes and another group for all my articles.

I’m writing an essay and I want to tag the book notes and articles that are relevant to this essay so that they can appear in a separate group (I don’t want the files to be duplicated, just referred to). I would like to then add this group to my favourites, and then be able to filter files in this group by their other tags, i.e. by the subject material of the notes/articles.

From a search of this forum it would seem that others have asked similar questions (e.g. about nested smart groups), and that I may be trying to stretch DTP beyond its current functionality.

If so, what’s the best approximation of what I’m trying to do.



One solution is to switch to the Tags view. Then select the group and the other tag(s).

Thanks. I can see how the Tags view would help. The ability to select multiple tags is a great feature. But the Tag view only seems to work on my database as a whole, i.e. I don’t seem to be able to select a group and just see the tags for this group.

When I click on a favourite group the files listed are not the files in this group, but rather the files in the inbox of my database.

Tags view does not have a group selector panel.

The Favorites section of the sidebar does not work in Tags view.

OK. I’ll post something in the Feedback section, as I think this functionality would greatly enhance the use of tags.