Viewing pane, DT v2.7.1, and Mavericks

Hi all,

Has anyone else noticed that when working in (3) pane mode the document view pane is behaving differently? I typically working in this mode with the zoom option set to “Zoom to Width”. Prior to the upgrade this would result in the document being zoomed to the viewing pane width with the top of the document visible.

The behavior now is to zoom to the pane width but with the center of the document visible. This wouldn’t be so bad except that I can not move around the document with my trackpad. If I select the document in the viewing pane I can then use the arrow keys to move up and down in the document.

This is only the behavior with a single page document. If the document has two or more pages it still zooms to the center of the document but I am able to scroll the document with the trackpad.

I’ve had exactly the same problem, working with column view. Really annoying hope we can find a solution. When zooming in with the trackpad, the zoom is centred on the position of the cursor. I have to either click the document and use the arrow keys or zoom out, move the cursor, and zoom in again.

I’ve noticed this occasionally with Mavericks in DEVONthink and other apps that use Quick Look. Not frequently enough to be reliably reproduceable for any file, however. Which makes me wonder if it’s a problem that Mavericks has with only some files – for some reason – but not all.

I’ve also noticed that horizontal scroll bars seem to be missing in most windows where the document is zoomed larger than that window’s view port. Vertical bars appear, but not horizontal.

I am having the same trouble as pjpmcarthy. The Magic Trackpad gestures seem very hit & miss and especially a two-finger swipe up and down or side to side simply don’t work - particularly up and down - for me even in multi-page documents. If the image is zoomed to larger than the pane, you’re stuck looking at that portion of the document and have to pinch back down to view the whole page within the pane. In multipage documents, a two finger swipe to change page will do one, but not any more pages, unless the two fingers are dragged from the very top to the very bottom of the pad in a very large gesture, and even then erratically.

I must admit I haven’t encountered problems scrolling in other programmes. Just did a quick Google and found other forums reporting scrolling issues of a variable nature e.g. in Chrome and Firefox, but I just tried those on my machine and they work fine. So for me it’s just DTPO which is a shame because I rely on it so much.

Hope a fix can be found soon, either by DT or Apple.

I’m having trouble establishing exactly what is broken, but it’s certainly annoying.

With a portrait-shape PDF, “Zoom to fit” now fits the window widthways, not vertically as it should, and tends to lock up on the current page so that the document can’t be scrolled using the mouse. It also seems to mess with the PDF Display options.

“Zoom to width” zooms OK but again sometimes breaks mouse scrolling. It’s intermittent, though.

I don’t seem to end up at the centre of the document, as the previous posters found, but I always have “Preferences > General > Interface: > Retain view” checked, and maybe that makes the difference.

Again, DTPO 2.7.1 and Mavericks (+ Magic Mouse and MagicPrefs).

I’m seeing scrolling freezes more often in Safari under Mavericks. Scrolling issues have appeared on Apple Support forums.

Bill, that’s interesting. Personally I have no scrolling issues at all in Safari. DT is the first place I’ve seen it. But the implication is that it might be addressed by Apple in the next release of Mavericks?

“Might” is probably the operative term. Probably. :slight_smile:

I’ve received several Support queries about scrolling in DEVONthink under Mavericks, especially in 1-page PDFs. Seems to be a flaky thing, and I haven’t had issues. I did report it to the developer.

I have seen normal scrolling gestures stop working on screen pages in Safari several times. Again, flaky and not reproducible when the page is brought up on another occasion.

Others have noted scrolling anomalies in Mavericks on Apple’s forum.


The recent update to v2.7.2 has mostly fixed my issue. Default behavior still zooms to the center of the document not the top but now I can scroll around a single page document using the track pad.

  • Paul McCarthy

2.7.2 has definitely helped: scrolling in single-page PDFs now works, though I’d prefer “Zoom to Width” to go to the top of the document, not the middle.

“Zoom to Fit” is still broken, though. If I do this on a multipage PDF it shows only the current page, and I can’t scroll. This cannot have been the behaviour previously? I don’t use this command, so it’s not a big deal for me.