Viewing Search Results

I am very much a novice with DEVONthink. So, apologies in advance if this is straightforward. I have created a database. When I search for a particular word or phrase DEVONthink is very fast at producing results. I am having difficulty though viewing the results in a manner that best suits my work habits. I would like to view the search results in the form of “snippets” of the sentences surrounding the search phrase, say 2 to 5 sentences, so that I can rapidly see the context in which my search phrase was used. So far I have only managed to use the ‘Find Next’ command to go to every instance of the search phrase in each of the documents produced by the search. Is there anyway to view each hit in a snippet view without having to open each of the individual documents?

Any help would be very much appreciated.


There’s no “snippets” view in DEVONthink, if I get your meaning.

Perhaps you already know the following. I assume you’ve tried Tools > Search and see how the document preview panel in that view highlights each instance found of your search text - in each document? Tools > Search looks across all open databases.

On the other hand, the Find box in the toolbar will look in just the currently-open database.

In conjunction with, for example, three-pane view, the previewed search text is shown as it is in the Search panel.