Viewing subfolders in the three pane view

Is there a way to see folders represented in the list of items in the upper right window in the three pane view?

Let me attempt to explain what I mean:

Let’s say I have a folder (I’ll call it “Folder 1”) with a number of documents in them. In the three pane view, if I click on that folder, I see all of those documents in the window that’s in the upper right corner. However, if there is a subfolder in Folder 1, I won’t automatically see it listed in that window in the upper right. While this subfolder will be visible in the middle column of the three pane view, it doesn’t come up in that upper right corner window unless I select it in addition to Folder 1. If I select it, I see the content of the subfolder itself, rather than the folder listed as an item.

So here is my question restated: Is there a way for me to automatically see the subfolders contained in a folder in in the upper right window in the three pane view?


No. The contents pane of Three Pane view will only show files, never groups. Similarly, the directory pane (middle), will only show groups, never files. This is by design (and not ours. This view can be found in some high end data systems).

Got it. Thanks.

No problem.