Viewing tags auto-generated from folder names?

I have a question about tagging behavior using DT Office Pro.

I’ve created a new database indexing documents across a number of folders and subfolders, generating groups with the same name as the source folder. As an exception to my prior experience, I’ve enabled the auto-tagging from group names. DT also generated (blue) tags from the Finder tags associated with the indexed documents.

The “Tag” group is only showing the blue tags. I know that tagging by group worked, because I can see the grey tags in the tag pane on each document.

Is there a way to also see the grey, group-based tags in the Tags group?

The use case is that I have documents related to given application in multiple folders. So, one document is in the system library, e.g…, “/Library/Scripts/End Note X7” and another is the user library folder, e.g., “/Users/Me//Library/Scripts/End Note X7”. Documents in either location now bear the group-based, grey tag “End Note X7” and it would be nice to be able to see that tag easily. For a given case, it’s pretty easy—making a smart group looking for “Tag is End Note X7” catches all tags. But for other purposes (catching small differences in folder names and thus tags, seeing all the applications for which I have scripts, whichever library folder they in, etc.), seeing both the Finder- and group-based tags at once would in super.

Many thanks and Happy Halloween, for those who celebrate it.

No, this is not possible.