vimeo playback issue

I’m having an issue watching vimeo’s videos in devonthink pro office browser, it just charges a part of the videos, then oddly it stops and it’s impossible to see whole videos.
Opening them in chrome streaming works fine and there is no problem in viewing them. Do you know what is possibly going wrong?

Have you updated your FlashPlayer? (And if not, do it through System Preferences > Flash Player - for safety’s sake.)

I uploaded flash but I’m still having issues, if I put vimeo or youtube videos in fullscreen it happens that the menu bar keeps flickering while the video is in fullscreen.
For example I just had to force quit devonthink because after putting a vimeo’s video in fullscreen it became unresponsive and I couldn’t exit fullscreen…

Is there maybe some preferences that I can get rid of to see if it solves the problem?