Visibility of Tags on Tag Bar

I recently updated my OS from Mavericks to Sierra and have been enjoying the updated version of Devonthink. There is one difference that has been problematic, however. In the new version, if you add a bunch of tags that go off the screen, scrolling to the right only reveals some, not all of tags.

To show my point, I’ve attached a screenshot. On this document I have added the tags “XXX” and “ZZZ”, but this screen shot shows the bar at its farthest right limit (the tags get ordered alphabetically). As you can see, it does not show the tags XXX or ZZZ.

I use dozens of tags on my documents sometimes and would like to be able to easily see and edit all of them. Is there any way to fix this?

Which version of DEVONthink and of Sierra do you use? I can’t reproduce this using V2.9.10.

I am using Devonthink 2.9.10 and Sierra 10.12.3.

I just noticed as well that the side bar view doesn’t appear either when I click the button above the PDF viewer— this might be related?

Could you please post a screenshot of the complete window? E.g. press Cmd-Shift-4, then the spacebar, click on the window and a screenshot will be saved to the desktop.

I closed Devonthink and opened it again and now it seems to be working. Not sure what that’s about, but I’ll let you know if it happens again.