visible text comments for media files?

Hello all,
I’m a new(ish) DT user, and new to these forums, so if this question has been answered elsewhere, please let me know. (I’ve searched, but with little luck).

I am trying to find out how to add text comments to media files (images, movies, mp3). I am working on a large research project that requires me to keep track of large numbers of media files and to accurately record some information about them (and make them searchable by this information). I would also like this information to be visible when I am viewing the file. Is this possible? I need to attach e.g. creation date, collection date (if different), source of image/music/etc., copyright info (if applicable), and a few tags. The key is to have this information inseparable from the media file, and to have it both searchable and clearly visible when I work with the file.

I have tried using the comments feature (using the script downloadable from DT webpage), which is fine for searchability, but doesn’t display the information. I’ve also tried making a text file with a wikilink to the media file, but this is less than ideal. Where to now?

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There are two possibilities:

  1. Use the three-pane view and enable the Comments column via the View > Columns > … submenu.

  2. Use the vertical split view, enable the details (via View > Show Details) and set the icon size to maximum (via the slider in the upper right corner).

The advantage of the first option is that the Comments column is editable, the advantages of the second option are a large preview of the media file and enough space for longer comments.

It’s really quite easy to set up view window sizes and locations so that a document file (text, image or movie) is visible, and it’s Info panel is visible at the same time.

That makes it easy to see and add to metadata about a document while viewing it. It also makes the Launch Path and Launch URL commands immediately available.

I’ve set up the Info panel positioned to the right of view windows and with vertical height adjusted to the maximum for the computer screen I’m using.

Download an image file of a an example at

The image file name is “Modified Vertical Split.jpg”. Of course it also works with Horizontal Split or Three-Pane views.

This approach works well both on my 15-inch MacBook Pro screen and on the 24-inch screen on my Power Mac G5.