The prior topic had a short discussion of visualizing outlines, and mentioned Inspiration, etc.

The very best visualizer is "Thoughts" have parents, children, and siblings (peers), and when you click on a thought, it becomes the center of focus (in the center of the screen) with lines to every thought to which it has a relationship (links).

It’s a Windows program, and believe it or not, I love the program so much that I bought Virtual PC for my PowerBook G4 just to run TheBrain.

I’d love to see some integration of a Brain-like program with DT, but I recognize the design decisions are huge.

Keep up the good work.


thanks for the link. TheBrain looks like an awesome program.
I think there are many other Mac programs that can link information in a similar manner (wiki linking is close) but don’t have the visual representation or the active user interface that TheBrain uses.

I’d like to see something like that for the Mac; it’s a natural combination really.


The key to TheBrain is that the active thought becomes the center of focus with all of its links radiating out from it.  When you click on another thought, then it becomes the center of focus.

I wish I could find this functionality for the Mac, and I have looked very hard, but I haven’t found anything that dynamically changes the center of focus.  [OmniGraffle and Inspiration are static, and since Inspiration is linked with an outliner, it can’t handle a “child” that has more than one parent (i.e. an outline is just a hierarchy rotated by 90 degrees).

If you ever find a thought visualizer for Mac that truly is dynamic like TheBrain, I’d really appreciate your letting me know.

Thanks again,

I found DT when my son who uses TheBrain suggested it.  He uses wintel and I’m obviously a mac person.  I agree it has some really great features, although for research regarding multiple published scientific articles I think DT is better.

Alternative concepts:

NovaMind visualization of paragraph text

Starting point: Paragraph text

Clip phrases to Circus Ponies NoteBook or NoteTaker
using services key stroke

Create outline structure from phrases in NoteBook or NoteTaker

Create a key word at the beginning of each topic. Insert the NovaMind import separation character (pipe).

Export to plain text (some space or tab replacing may be needed).

Import into NovaMind

Create multiple mindmaps. Copy and paste between them.

OmniOutliner and NovaMind are becoming more harmonious.

Although I haven’t tried it, OmniOutliner and OmniGraffle 3.1 are becoming more closely linked

More visualization examples:


Paragraph to concept map source text:



Lucid Fried eggs is also supposed to be very similar to TheBrain but I’ve not taken the time to install MySQL, Apache et al to get it up and running.

There’s a sourceforge page for it if anyone is interested and/or enterprising.


It looks like it’s dead (no updates for several years)