Visualize this...

Can I take the pulse on an idea that was kicked around on this forum in the last six months – the possibility that DT Pro would one day allow for mapping and visualizations? Could DT Pro create a “map” out of its concordance function? Maybe something along the lines of Devon Agent’s “Digest” function? Has there been any final word or decision on DT Pro’s ability to create or employ visualizations, using the information contained in the database, obviously? Is it considered possible?

Thanks, :slight_smile:

There are plans for visualization in DT.

Of course, in my database with tens of thousands of documents and hundreds of thousands of words in the Concordance (and tens of millions of total words) there are limits to what can be displayed, let alone comprehended by the human mind. :slight_smile:

So the intent is to do useful visualization in a future version.


That’s great news. Thanks. I bet DT Pro could generate some interesting “word” clouds (in the absence of tags…).

I recognize that a huge collection like yours could be a challenge for software writers. But visualizations – maps – would not necessarily require swallowing the whole database. Couldn’t “visualized” material be restricted to particular “selections” in the database, as they are in searches? That would help power- users like you, Bill.

In my case, seeing connections among characters could be interesting. For instance, I want to know how often a character’s name turns up when another character’s name appears? Cross-pollinate DT Pro with DEVONagent’s “Digest”?

What sorts of visualizations are under considerations? Any hints for the hungry user?

And what about tags, Bill? Anything coming on that? (Pant. Pant.)

Jeff -

Here we go again. :slight_smile:

All I can reasonably say is that the DEVONtechnologies elves are working hard. They have plans and a strategy, and they listen to feedback. From time to time they will ship out software updates and upgrades.

There will be some pleasant surprises. Then users will ask for still more. And that’s as it should be.

And Leopard is getting there. Looks like the next update of Leopard will be a big one, certainly in the code size.