Visualizing tags...

Here’s something that’ll prove interesting to some, and frustrating to others: graphing tag relationships in Graphiviz:

Attached below is a script that will take the tags of all the records in the current database and visualize the connections implicit in the tagging process. Before y’all get too excited, the script is written in Python, and you’ll need to install py-appscript:
It will also require a Graphviz install:
which you’ll need to use from the command line, as the wonderful Pixelglow OSX port is a bit long in the tooth.

I don’t know how much support I’ll provide for this, and as usual, backup your files BEFORE you damage them: I’m not to blame!

Enjoy, Charles (1.17 KB)

A future release (not the first maintenance releases, e.g. 2.0.2) will visualize the relationships of tags. Not sure yet whether it will be a cloud and/or a map (like the digest of DEVONagent).

My vote is for something like DA, Christian! :wink:

Where can I preorder my copy? :slight_smile:
And, why not BOTH a cloud and a map? They are different representation tool, with different use (the cloud for a more inspiring view on the Keyword list, and the map for an easier look at the relationship between documents).


Visualizing the relationships between tags would be a great addition to DT! I’ve been looking for a product to accomplish exactly that. Is this feature still in the works?

Well, Ammonite does some/all of this:

Any news on providing the ability to visualize the relationship between tags?