My Devonthink syncstore is on a 2tb hard drive attached to my airport extreme.

I quite often get verification errors although when I verify there are no errors.

My solution to this has been to remove the syncstore and add it in again. However when I select add an existing local sync store the file menu defaults to VOLUMES. I am not sure where this directory is but there appears to be 6 or 7 different VOLUMES.When I click on another directory the VOLUMES disappear.

I just pick my syncstore on my 2tb hard drive and it works again…

My question. what is the directory VOLUMES that the sync system seems to create.

Do you mean dat you do a ‘verify and repair’ before syncing and that you get verification errors when you initiate the sync? Or do you mean that you get a verification error when you sync and when you then do a ‘verify and repair’ there are no errors?

I don’t think this directory is created by the sync system. Presumably it is the ‘Volumes’ directory in the root directory of your computer’s file system. This directory contains all the volumes (in daily language: disks) you have mounted on that computer (in daily language: to which your computer is currently connected). It is the obvious default starting point for dialogs that connect to external disks.