Want to abandon SyncStore

I have been using DTPro for several years on a 2012 MBPRo. I had set up Dropbox Selective SyncStore to connect with an iPad and thought I could do the same on the new iMac, but cannot seem to connect. As I consider future use, though, I will not have the MBPro for long.

I want to move 4 databases from the MBPro to the iMac and no longer use the MBPro for that, but am unsure of how to get rid of the sync store without messing up anything on the databases. When I tried to set up the SyncStore from the MBPro to the iMac, error messages on the iMac say invalid encryption key, but I am sure I never set encryption when I set it up those years ago. I only have the SyncStore name and a (bonjour?) password.

If I get rid of all the settings on the iMac and just copy the files from the MBPro … shouldn’t I just be able to read them on the iMac? I read a warning somewhere not to put the files on a cloud storage, and beware of moving them, but not sure why.

Thanks for any ideas … I’m not too swift on bonjour or links like this.

After all this time is there a better way to sync databases between Apple devices?


By the time you have created those SyncStores you have probably entered a password. Using the very same password for the same SyncStore will show you „not local@ database which you can import.

Hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

Thank You, got the process started.