want to change Unreadable style

I am a newbee. Probably the answer is in some help file or a tutorial, but I don’t see it.

I transferred my folders into a database for Devonthink Pro. Now I open some files and they are in unreadable colors. Yellow text over a white background. :open_mouth: The font is also too small. I have used a word to search for texts and I get a few documents. I click on a specific document. It appears below the list of documents that I have brought up. I can get the original text in Word and there is no change made to it. But I want to skim through these documents to see what I really need to read without opening up Word. There is some kind of stylesheet behind this style change. Where is?

Are these all Word files? Try to preview the file in Finder – in Finder, select a copy of the same file that you’re not seeing correctly in DEVONthink, and press the spacebar to open a preview of the document. Is the preview seen from Finder the same as the one seen from DEVONthink? They should be.

DEVONthink uses a little program called a quicklook plugin to show previews of this or that kind of file – the plugin DEVONthink uses is the same as the one Finder uses. The plugins for Office files (.doc, .docx, .xls, etc. are provided by Microsoft and installed on your computer when you install Word or another Office product. DEVONthink cannot control or change what that plugin does.

Make sure you have the latest version of Office for OS X installed.

I attached the file so you can see it. I later realized that this file was copied from Evernote. The, I put the whole thing in Word. Maybe that’s why it looks so bad. I was able to read it as a Word documents. It did not have the weird style.

But, Word documents also look terrible since I imported them into Devonthink. It must be something that I did to Word because the new documents have the same black background. This all happened after importing to DevonThink.

I just want to be able to fix documents in DevonThink so I can read them.

As another kink in the puzzle, my Word program is in Japanese. I don’t have a program in English. Bad situation for me. But, maybe DevonThink does not adapt well to this version of Word.

It looks like you have turned on the Blue Background, white text setting in Word.

Go to Preferences in Word -> General and then untick the ‘Blue background, white text setting’

On my computer using Word in Japanese I have no issues opening files (no blue backgrounds or anything like that), but previews in DT are garbled, probably because the plugin MS supplies is poorly done (as mentioned above). Then again, MS Office is poorly done as well, especially in Japanese, so it is no surprise. The new beta version of Office is buggy, but a huge improvement. Perhaps the plugin will also be a lot better.