Want to help DT tools users to be master information managers/processors -and- make money?

If you are a DEVONthink3/DEVONthink To Go (and hopefully DEVONagent, as well) information management/processing and automation master, do you want to make money helping hundreds of users be more effective? If so, a newly forming knowledge work practices community needs your help. Operate as a coach/advisor in open discussions, produce learning programs, possibly build/offer pre-configured and custom solutions? - This will be a great side hustle- possibly into a great solopreneur career move! - If this is for you, contact Terry Yelmene - tyelmene@knowledgeworkartisans.com
(Note: this reach out was made with DEVONtechnologies knowledge)

Sounds like it could be an interesting resource! As a suggestion for a community wanting to communicate expertise with the products, the capitalization for the tools and the company are:

DEVONthink 3 (and I would assume also DEVONthink To Go)