Want to try v3 "not pro" version but can't


I want to try the “not pro” version (I guess its just called DevonThink now?), but the only version I can try is the “server” edition.

People trialling Omnifocus could chose the edition they want to trial as a setting in preferences (it was also one binary). They would be able to chop and change during the free-trial period so that they could really appreciate the differences between editions.

My specific situation is that the only “Pro” functionality I may need is scanner integration / OCR. But “not pro” allows for pre-OCRd documents and scanners so I want to appreciate the difference between the two. Is there any way I can do this?

No. Anyone running the trial, provides all the functions of the Server edition so they can get familiar with any options they may want to use.
If you want to pretend you’re not using it, then ignore anything with a blue star before the command in the menus, or anything listed here: https://www.devontechnologies.com/apps/devonthink/editions


it’s stopping my i1300 scanner from importing automatically into Devonthink that (I think) I am really trying to stop.

It is unclear what you are specifically referring to here. Can you clarify or hold the Option key and choose Help > Report bug to start a support ticket.

there is no bug.

I want to know how the “not pro” version gets docs scanned by my s1300i scanner. (it says it support scanners).

But the trial version is “server” which has the scanner fully integrated. I am trying to understand if I need integrated or not.


You still have to use the Fujitsu software. “Integration” happens when you tell ScanSnap Home to use DT to open new scans. In other words you have to specifically do something in ScanSnap Home first. If you didn’t do that yet there is no integration.

You don’t need the Pro version to work with your scans. I didn’t do that with DT 2 nor 3 now (I have the same scanner you do). I just have it scan to the global inbox. ScanSnap already does OCR if you want it to.

P.S. All Pro functionality is marked with a ★ in the menu so you see immediately what would go away when you opt for the standard edition. This is similar to what BBEdit does, too.