Warn before deleting last replicant

Hullo, all.

I’m glad you no longer colour contents red when they’ve been replicated - never really liked that. But now DT really ought to warn you when you’re about to delete the last replicant of a content. There’s no easy well to tell if there’s just the one instance of something or if it’s all over the place. True, you can get a rough idea from the new tag bar - but that depends on having the right view set, and anyhow can be misleading because it shows parent groups as well (so I could look at the tag bar and think a content is in two places because it has two tags, but one is the parent, so it’s only in one place). In short, it’s easy to delete something thinking you’re just removing a tag, and so DT really ought to show a warning when that happens.

Sorry if someone else has already mentioned this.


If a document is a true replicant, it will have a staggered page icon next to its name. This icon does not appear if the document is not tagged in the Tags Group. It is not, at least not as far as I have seen, possible to delete a document by removing all the tags from the document. If you delete the last group tag assigned to a document, the document will be moved to the root level of the database.

Ta, Greg. Hadn’t noticed the staggered icon - or rather I had, and put off working out what it was until I had time (2011 or so at the current rate).

But I’ve still got more problem than solution. The icon is only there when something is replicated through a normal group, not through the tags group. That’s OK, I suppose, tho’ a little illogical. And you’re quite right about deleting the tags (ie from the tags bar) - when you delete the last one, the document moves to root (very neat). But not when you delete documents - then, when you delete the last one, it’s moved to trash. That’s where I think you should have a warning.

At the moment, the rule is: if it has the staggered page icon, it’s safe to delete, because there’s at least one replicant somewhere; if it doesn’t have the icon, it may or may not be safe to delete - you have to inspect the tags bar. Hmmm.


I understand your concern. But personally I object any warning pop up dialogs. I hate those “are you sure?” questions. They don’t add safety for me, because they come up so often that within a day I got used to just hit Return almost before the box is drawn on the screen. But maybe that’s just me. If the warning dialog should come due to request of others I would ask for a means to bypass it (either preferences or standard option key behavior from the OS).