Warn user before closing a tab

I only now realized—thankfully with no major losses—that closing a tab in DT does not trigger the standard dialog box that asks whether any changes to the document should be saved before closing. As a result, unless the user manually saves the document before closing the tab, any changes to it will be lost.

This is probably the result of oversight, since the dialog box does appear when the document has been opened in a separate window.

Shall we hope for a fix in an forthcoming update?

Many thanks.

As a work around you can use ForeverSave (freeware)
macupdate.com/info.php/id/29 … rsave-lite

To clarify: only ForeverSave Lite, little brother of ForeverSafe, is freeware. :slight_smile:

thanks for the bug report, v2.0.4 will fix this.

Yes, correct. I posted the link to the light version. I’ve used the free version for several months now, works perfectly, no need for the paid version!