WARNING from Apple: Don't use the new 10.4 List format

I just checked the Apple site. Lost text resulting from the use of the new List feature in Tiger is now a known bug of OS X 10.4.

See http://docs.info.apple.com/article.html?artnum=301483.

Apple’s advice for the time being is not to use the List feature.

This is not a DEVONthink bug. The same problem would exist in any other application if one makes use of the new 10.4 Cocoa text List feature.

DEVONthink users who have not used the List format (new in Tiger) should be OK.

If you have used the new List format, read Apple’s notice carefully. Your data may only be invisible, not lost – but if you save it again, it will be lost.

Bill DeVille (Evangelist), DEVONtechnologies LLC

As noted by apple, the problem seems to be fixed in 10.4.1