Warning upon startup: "Database Seems to Already Be In Use!"

Here is the warning:

Issue 3 - Library in Use.png

First, I don’t have another instance of DTPO, so I am not sure why this warning is being presented.

Second, I can’t tell if this issue is causing problems or not within DTPO.

Third, how do I resolve the issue? Selecting continue doesn’t seem to resolve the issue and I am hesitant to click “Don’t ask me again” because I’m not sure if this is causing an issue and if it is, I want to be notified of it.

Any advice?

This warning usually occurs:

  1. After DEVONthink has terminated abnormally (crash or force quit)
  2. When trying to access a database already open by another person (as DEVONthink is ​not ​made for multi-User simultaneous access)​
  3. If you open more than one copy of DEVONthink Pro and/or Pro Office. Both editions use the same resources so they cannot be opened at the same time.

Thanks for the quick reply!

  1. I do not believe DTPO terminated abnormally. As far as I can remember, I haven’t experienced a crash.

  2. I am the only user and I don’t have DTPO installed in any other computers. (I do have DT2G, however)

  3. I just have one copy.

Any suggestions on how to try and address the issue?

Is this a new or old install? Any recent updates or a reinstall of the operating system?

A relatively new user still within my trial period.

Please hold the Option key and choose Help > Report Bug so we can dig a little deeper. Thanks!

Hi. I am having the same issue. Arose after loading OS onto new computer and then using Migration Assistant to bring files from old computer from Time Machine to the new computer. Help!

@rg7878: Please start a Support Ticket.

This happens to me about one time in five. I will now take it more seriously, and report it as a bug.

Me as well. Happening more frequently since Mojave I believe.

@bshapiro84: Start a support ticket as mentioned previously. Thanks.