Warning when switching to different location of syncstore

the situation is this:
I am syncing several databases between my Mac and my iPhone using a dtsyncstore that sits on my Webdav Server. Rocksolid performance.
I have now migrated to a different server hardware and also migrated the syncstore.
All databases but one accept the new location of the syncstore.

The one database that does not complains that it is only incompletely synced to the iPhone and that syncing it to a different syncstore might lead to problems since several items are missing (on the iPhone, I presume).

The only problem that I could see is if the items that are missing on the iPhone got deleted in the syncstore and down the road also on the iMac.

But is that really going to happen or is the operation technically a merge (which is what I want)?

So the old sync location is unavailable now?

Forgot to add, yes, the old sync location is unavailable. If there were no other way, I could try and rewire the other machine but it would be highly inconvenient.

The syncstore on the new server hardware should technically be identical in content with the old one BTW, since I copied it there.
So if I synced with the same syncstore just on the new location it should not risk any data, right?

Yes, it should be fine.

If you had been doing a shallow sync with the old location then just added a new server without copying the sync store over, you would be in trouble.

Bear with me here as I recapitulate.

For some reason the iPhone seems to be incomplete with respect to the syncstore on the server (old and new server alike). The Macs and the syncstore on the server are in sync.
There isn’t too much missing, the iPhone reports 4922 items in that particular database, the Macbook 4984, the size is almost identical.

If I initiated a sync between the iPhone and the syncstore, their contents would presumably be the same after the sync but would the items that are missing on either side be deleted on the other or would they be merged?


The items should be merged but if you want to be certain of the same data, delete the database on the iPhone and reimport it from the new sync location.

I did not want to delete because there were a few items added to the iPhone since the last sync to the old location.

For the record, I backed up the database on the Mac and went ahead. Both iPhone and Mac now report 4995 items, looks like a merge to me. :smiley:

Yep, as expected. Glad to here you’re back up and running.

With Devonthink I tend to be more confident than with other software and for a good reason it seems. Although DTPO is perfectly able to delete an item as part of a sync operation, it switches to a merge (without deleting items only present on one side) in a partly synchronised situation.
Very sensible defaults (but keep a backup always).