Watched network folder

Hello All,

I cannot find an exact answer to this scenario:

Scanner that sends PDFs to a server on the network via FTP. There is a central folder on the server, which runs OSX Server. I would like the PDFs to be OCR’ed and either converted to PDF+text, or at least automatically accessioned to a DEVONThink Pro Office DB.

Currently, there is one user, but I am also thinking of the two-user scenario. Not sure how many instances of DTPO and how many licenses are optimal. Perhaps install on the Server and leave running, or periodically import via the client machines?

I have been able to set a watched folder using Applescript to OCR new files, but this is currently client-driven, and I also do not see an easy way to get PDF+text placed back onto the server.

Any advice much appreciated! This looks like an excellent product; I think it is a matter of figuring out how to deploy it in my situation.

Thank you,

Let me modify and separate my questions a bit:

(1) Is it easy to open a central DTPO database alternately from different computers? If so, having this process client-driven might not be so bad.

(2) If a separate instance of DTPO runs on the server to index documents, will that database run into conflicts if another user attempts to open it?

(3) Can PDF+text files “be recovered” without use of DTPO (e.g. if you want to switch apps or export later)? DTPO seems to do a great job of presenting a PDF on the fly to spotlight, but this is different from having a distinct PDF+text file in the filesystem. I would like to use DTPO but not be locked into it for all my indexed files.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. I realize I am trying to use DTPO to perform an additional OCR task in a manner for which it was not purely intended (but of which it seems capable).