Way to automate processing of items?


I have used ZOOT on windows which is a bit like Devonthink, without AI but a lot more powerful in terms of what you can do to automate processing of information and would like to reproduce my workflow on Devonthink.

I write notes in mails or iphone notes application which are synced to my mail application on my computer. I had keywords for projects (&@pp, p:fst @@kk etc…) but since it is impossible to search for special characters like @, & etc… in devonthink I have been forced to used alphabetic codes like “dvtx”.

When I import mail I want these to be processed as follow:
Have the messages containing a certain code moved to another database.
have the messages containing another code stripped of some information them moved elsewhere etc…

Is it a way to automate this so it is done while mail is imported, or anytime a file is created in a certain folder or database?

Thank you

This is not yet possible without scripting but a future release will probably support “smart rules” (kind of smart groups plus actions).