Way to find an image in a RFTD note when I can't visually see one?

I have some notes that I have copied and pasted info into that changed into RFTD files because there is apparently an image somehwere that I cannot see. I want to be able to edit these notes on DTTG, and I am unable to do so when it changes to an RFTD format.

Is there a way anyone knows of to search in a note for an image so I can delete it? I can’t find it upon a visual search.


Sorry this isn’t a direct response to your question but in DT you can right click on an rtfd file and choose Convert > to Rich Text. I imagine that might be a way of achieving what you want although I’ve not tried it.


I think convert into formatted note will do a better job. You can edit, then convert into PDF to make it “static”.

(Sorry, I don’t like RTF formats. Too buggy parser everywhere).

Thanks for the suggestion. The problem is there is a picture somewhere in the note I can’t see. When I convert to rtf, DEVONthink automatically senses the picture and changes it back to rtfd.

Converting to plain text works for me—but, of course, you’re going to lose any formatting.


That is a good point about plain text. Copying my text into this kind of note would “remove” the pictures that I can’t see.

I may, in fact, trial switching to the formatted notes. I had been using the rich text because I liked being able to do a few specific things in the TextEdit editor. My current workflow will probably work with the formatted notes now, too.


You can view the images via Tools > Inspectors > Document > Annotations. Selecting an image in the inspectors scrolls the document if necessary and selects it.

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My current workflow will probably work with the formatted notes now, too.

Do be aware there is a 10MB limit on formatted notes displaying in DEVONthink To Go.

Just as the proper practice in desktop publishing has been for years, it’s best to resize images before adding them to a document. This is especially true with formatted notes as the data is embedded, not linked.

This worked perfectly.

It was real quick and easy to find the hidden images and delete them. The format of the note changed right back to rtf automatically too.